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The ‘C’ Word

Far too often I hear people throwing around the word without really knowing the meaning of it. It’s one of the most important aspects of any functioning relationship, and you should pay it good attention if you want your partner to be satisfied with you.


If you read other dating blogs, watch daytime talk television, or have half a brain, then by now you should be pretty aware that communication is a pretty big deal. Time and time again you hear about relationships falling apart because “we just weren’t communicating anymore.”

In movies a lack of communication is portrayed as married couples who literally don’t speak to one another anymore. They sit at a restaurant in complete silence, not playing footsie or making eye contact, and are shocked to hear the sound of the waiter’s voice.

“Can I take your order?”

“Yes, I would like a slice of your finest steak with a side of divorce.”

Cue additional awkward silence.

Come on, movies. To Hollywood and many others, communication is the act of speaking and perhaps, maybe hearing in return. However, communication means so much more than having words come out of your mouth and go into another person’s ear. To me, communication means constantly striving to explain and understand.

The act of saying something is pretty pointless unless someone is listening. When my mom used to say, “Algernon, take out the trash” and I responded with “uh-huh” while reading my book – all I was doing there was hearing her. An hour later my mom is yelling at me for not having done the chores she told me to do. The same kind of things holds true with your partner – if someone is trying to communicate something, things will only be accomplished if you actually listen.

The Talking Bit

One half of communication is the talking part – where you explain how and why you feel something. As the person initiating communication, you have a serious burden of being responsible for explaining yourself. Initiating communication can mean a million things. It can mean bluntly saying “Hey, I need to talk to you.” It could also mean letting out a heavy, exasperated sigh to goad your partner into asking “What’s wrong?” It should come as no surprise that I think the former is a stronger initiation, but people often initiate with something more subtle. As the communicator, it is your job to be clear that you want to speak. Once the lines of communication have been opened, it’s your job to follow up as well. You shouldn’t be initiating a conversation with “What’s bothering you?” Then you are putting the pressure on your partner. In my opinion, it’s much stronger to initiate with specificity: “Hey, I’m not sure if I’m reading you wrong, but you’ve seemed a little off since Monday. Are you mad about the fact that I had dinner with my (female) coworker? Or is it something else?”

By beginning with a specific thought, it shows that you’ve put effort and thought into having this conversation. And you should be putting thought into your conversations. If something is eating away at you, be productive with that time. Think about ways the conversation will go and how that makes you feel BEFORE you even have the conversation. That way, when you finally begin to talk about things, you don’t suddenly end the conversation with “I just don’t know what to think about that.”

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, once you’ve initiated the conversation or finished a point you are making – now it’s time to step back and listen. (note: this is one of my largest communication flaws, I tend to go on at length to make my points – which I suppose mirrors my writing style)

The Listening Bit

Whether you initiated the conversation and are waiting for a response or a conversation was initiated on you makes no difference. As the listener, it is your job to listen. The first step of listening is to shut the fuck up. There is nothing worse than having two people talk at the same time and begin to argue about who is cutting who off. If you start to say something and your partner seems frustrated because he or she hasn’t finished: shut the fuck up. Wait for them to finish. Then ask if you can respond. That’s when you can go to the talking bit.

However, while you are listening, you shouldn’t be sitting there formulating a response. You should be taking in what the other person is saying. Don’t “uh-huh” the comments like I did with chores and my mom. You need to understand what is being said, and if you don’t then you can ask the Talker to elaborate or explain a certain point, because it didn’t make sense to you. Be very careful not to be pedantic and attack people on a technical level. Communication isn’t about perfect prose or logic (though it is something to aim for). As someone who has been dating your partner, I sure hope you have some idea of what goes on in their head – make use of that knowledge to understand the position your partner is in.

Use the time when you are listening to PAY ATTENTION. If you get easily distracted or find your mind wandering to the nitpick-y points or formulating your own response then try the same trick they teach in SAT prep courses: silently repeat the words your partner is saying to you in your head. It will keep you focused and attentive to the context of the conversation. It will also help you to realize when you don’t understand something that was said.

The Transition

Many arguments get out of hand because people continually cut one another off. As a two-person conversation, it shouldn’t be horribly difficult to navigate when it is your turn to be talking, or when it is your turn to be listening. As the listener the onus is on you to pay attention. As the talker the burden is on you to make clear, succinct points and to relinquish the position as the speaker so that your partner can respond. It’s important for a talker not to ramble, otherwise points will begin to be lost and it will start to become a chastising lecture, which is a forceful way of not communicating (as the talker is refusing to move to the listening role). Also, be aware that moments of silence are allowed. A party can say “give me a few seconds to collect my thoughts.” This is especially important if you are prone to bouts of rage. Take a breather, think about what’s at hand. When you are ready, begin talking.

These basic ideas just scrape the surface of what goes into a successful communication between partners, but it’s usually good to start with the basics. It doesn’t get much more basic than talking and listening, but somehow, people choose not to think about the things they say and fail to pay attention to the things they are being told. Between those two, it’s no wonder miscommunication is so prevalent in relationships. Best of luck conveying and receiving thoughts.




Striking gold: How to find good dates

People have a love-hate relationship with online dating. On the one hand, it’s awesome to have access to so many other people that are interested in going out! No ambiguity over the intent of meeting out for drinks! No accidentally asking an engaged person to dinner! On the other hand, first dates from online have a much higher chance of sucking. People go on first dates and find creepers, weirdos, or more often than anything: a total lack of chemistry and boredom.

Why does online dating come with this Herculean level of challenge?

I’ve already talked about sampling, and to some degree, it might be that people who date online are people who are just incapable of dating in the real world. I personally don’t think this is true for most online daters, as plenty of perfectly desirable and sane people I know have tried the online dating thing (including yours truly).

No, I think the actual issue is screening.

Screening is a process we all go through to judge people on a preliminary level. High-end companies throw out your application if your GPA was below 3.0. You ignore every dating profile that cites “Ghost Hunters” as a favorite show. Sadly, screening dating profiles is often pretty ineffectual. Attraction works in extremely weird ways. My most successful stint on OKCupid was with someone I only had a 70% compatibility rating with (for those of you who haven’t tried it, OKC ranks your compatibility based on answers to questions you choose to answer and how much you value those answers). You can screen online dating profiles all you like, but the effectiveness of doing so is pretty low.

In real life, on the other hand, it is much easier to tell from a brief conversation with someone if you have some level of attraction to that person. Part of the reason is that you get an honest physical representation of the person. Part of it is that you can determine if there is some early level of repertoire. Most of it is just feeling out the situation and seeing if flirting comes naturally, or, depending on your personality, if you get that nauseous butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling.

The thing is, there are many, many people out there that you DON’T want to date. If you meet someone “in the real world,” you have a better idea of how interactions between the two of you work. Does that mean you will hit it off after the first date? Certainly not! So many more factors come into play.

Online dating struggles because you don’t really have a good preliminary screening process. Dating profiles are deceptive, but even profiles that are fully honest do not give you a good feel of who a person is. In all likelihood, you will choose to start an online dating account because you find that it isn’t easy to meet single people. There is absolutely no problem with this, but you’re going to have to realize that there are going to be a whole bunch of painfully awkward first dates. There’s no person that connects the two of you that you can talk about. There’s no event that you are at that inherently has brought you together. It’s just you making (forcing?) conversation with a perfect stranger.

This makes people want to give up on online dating. If you’re looking for someone, don’t give up! It will take a lot of effort until you “strike gold.” You have to make opportunities for yourself and online dating gives you that opportunity if you are too shy to strike up conversations with strangers at your book club or at the grocery store.It just means that more often than not, you will find someone you aren’t crazy about. Be polite, have some decent conversations, and cut your losses. (Side note: the volume of first dates you need via online dating to be successful means that you should generally choose simple, easy-to-escape first date ideas unless you have some really strong conception that things will go well)

Online dating is the third most common way that relationships get started. But if you’re really serious about trying to find someone, you should make sure to tell your friends. Why?

Friend of a friend is the most common way that relationships start. The second most common way is through a coworker. Guess what? One of my best relationships was via the friend of a friend (of a friend, actually) and another was started via the friend of a coworker. In both of these cases I had a few opportunities to screen my potential dates, and decided it was something worth going for. Do you know how many people you screen on a daily basis for opportunities? It’s a lot. Striking gold is a numbers game. Try early. Try often.



P.S. I wrote this post in response to seeing an “original and funny” message that was sent on a dating site, when in fact, the “original and funny” message is a kind of pick-up technique. Like I said, you can never tell.

A gentleman’s change

Hello everyone,

Jack and I have been discussing some things about the blog. You may have noticed that I post every Tuesday, and Jack posts on Fridays. At first, this seemed like an excellent idea as a way for us to put out consistent content.

However, there is a drawback that both of us did not foresee when we began this blog.

Having a day on which we were obligated to post on occasionally put us in situations where we were writing pieces that we felt were not the best quality, or the most thought out. We talked about it and decided we would step away from the “scheduled posting” model.

Instead, we are simply going to post when we have something good to say. Maybe that means you will hear from us more, maybe it means you will hear from us less. Depends on the week and the thoughts we are having. No matter what, we hope that the content will get better as a result. Never again do I want to tell Jack “I’m not so excited about my post for this week, but I wrote it, so I guess I’ll post it.”

We hope you like the change.


Jack and Algernon

The “decent guy” comment

I was really awkward and shy in high school. With the exception of a few really great friends, I never really connected with people my age. I did make friends with a few people who were, on average, about ten years older than me. I was bemoaning my loveless, dateless situation when one of my older friends said one of the most formative phrases in my dating history:

Algernon, someday you will date a beautiful and amazing woman and she will love you because you are a decent guy. That’s why I’m with [her then-fiance, now husband/my friend], because he’s decent to me.

I haven’t forgotten that quote and I probably never will. Since that day I have striven to get “decent guy” status. In a way, I think being a “decent guy” just means adhering to the Golden Rule: treat others as they would treat you. However, that doesn’t entirely work with dating. Men and women are kinda different, and every person is especially different. Sometimes you’ll date someone who just doesn’t feel about things the way you feel about them. If you want to be good to that person, you have to do something that you wouldn’t do for yourself.

Being decent doesn’t mean being infallible. In dating, you will always screw something up. The relationships that are good are the ones where the couple learns to get past the things that went wrong, and fix them for the future. At it’s core, being “decent” just means that you want to treat the other person well.

That seems easy. But it isn’t. A lot of people don’t act decently.

Some are selfish. People that don’t compromise or aren’t willing to think about others in their own pursuits have a hard time in many relationships. This isn’t always true, I’m sure you can think of that “power couple” who has been dating for years. And I certainly don’t mean that relationships detract from your ability to pursue your own goals, a good relationship allows for that. What I mean is that there are times when you need to stop and ask yourself not only if you are happy, but if your partner is happy. That’s a selfless thing to do and requires a lot of mental energy.

Sometimes people thrive on being assholes. Sometimes people thrive on being with assholes. There’s something attractive about them, and it mostly has to do with what other traits an asshole has. Things like confidence and being comfortable with yourself are traits that are desirable and often associated with assholes. The thing is, you can have these desirable traits and still be decent.

I’ve done some shitty things in dating, many from ignorance, but some from selfishness. I’m not pleased with any of them. But part of learning is screwing up, and at the end, I can get a better idea of what being a ‘decent guy’ even means. It’s simultaneously not that hard and one of the hardest things in the world.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

There are no errors in loading that picture: it’s blank on purpose. Being a decent guy varies wildly from person to person. And I just don’t mean between Jack and myself and Bill Clinton. I mean between Jack and Jill, between Jill and me, or between Jack and Jane.

There are no hard and fast rules. It’s about the core concept of wanting to treat the other person well. Most girls love getting flowers randomly, but it makes some of them uncomfortable. Can I call a girl “my little slut” in bed and still be treating her with respect and decency? Five years ago I probably would have said, “Um, no, it’s degrading” but I’ve since learned that that isn’t true. It’s just a question of what the both of you are comfortable with. Following the same example, things work differently in different contexts. I honestly can’t imagine a public situation in which calling your beloved girlfriend “my little slut” was a decent thing to do. When you’re with someone, the rules of decency are different between public and private spheres. (Disclaimer: Please guys, don’t go around calling every girl you date a slut in the bedroom. Some of them are into that. Many more aren’t.)

I can’t give you a hard and fast rule on how to act decently because things are different for different people.  Why is it that someone at a club with a muscle shirt saying “You are beautiful, can we dance?” elicits a different action than when I am at a club saying the exact same thing? Some girls will go for muscle shirt guy, others will laugh in his face. The same kind of difference in reaction happens with acting decently.

Back when I first heard it, I thought that being a “decent guy” was a series of character traits that made me a good person. But that’s not what it means. Being a “decent guy” is a state of mind. One that just about anyone can attain if it’s what you want to attain and if you listen and are responsive to your partner and their needs. I think it goes infinitely far to treat people this way when you like them (or even when you don’t), and hopefully, you do too.



Sheep Sex: It’s Not For Everybody

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When it comes to sexuality, there’s a simple way to get along with people: don’t judge.

You may not always understand their sexual preferences or decisions. You may understand them but feel that you could never behave similarly. But no matter what it is, just don’t pass judgment.

I know that this probably sounds preachy or rudimentary or like plain old common sense, but you’d be surprised. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve talked to lately who judge the sexual behavior of others. My policy is different.

I have a friend who is one of the most sexually  liberated individuals I’ve ever met. Once, on a group vacation, we all spent the last night partying at a nearby bar. Everybody was drunk and dancing and singing until we couldn’t feel our feet anymore. Getting ready to leave, I went to her and told her I was heading back with the group. She then pointed to a gentleman at the bar and told me that he was getting her another drink and after that she was going to go home with him and have sex.

As somebody who is pretty sexually open, I am able to have no-strings-attached sex. I can remove emotion from the equation if I need to and sleep with someone and not let it tug at my heartstrings. However, with that in mind, I’m not somebody who will go to a bar on vacation, pick up a random girl, sleep with her, and then leave in the morning without even knowing her first name. So when my friend told me she’d be going back with Mr. Gets-You-A-Drink, it was foreign to me. I don’t totally grasp the appeal or desire to do that, but at the same time: I’m not going to judge. Just because it’s not for me does not mean it’s wrong.

You and I have a mutual friend who once slept with an engaged woman. Yes, his name is Algy. Some friends of ours who know the story said that they think what he did was really wrong and his actions were reprehensible.

Here’s the thing about other people’s sexual behavior. Unless they’re sleeping with you (or your significant other), then it probably has nothing to do with you. I will never judge Algy for sleeping with an engaged woman. I am not even remotely close to that situation, so who am I to apply some sort of moral compass to it? If he had gone to Ireland and screwed a sheep would it be pretty fucking weird? Yes. Would I tell him that I think it’s disgusting and also illegal and that he should get tested for… I don’t know… sheep AIDS? Most definitely. But it’s not my place to pass judgment.

So go ahead: sleep with as many people as you want. Don’t ask for their names. Sleep with whomever you please! Hell, go fuck a sheep if that’s your thing. But please don’t judge others for their preferences… you might be doing something that they think is weird too.




The Friendzone: It’s your fault

The friend zone meme is a collection of some of the more entertaining photos you can find around the internet. Oh, sorry, you don’t know what the friend zone is?

Friend zone


1. To be in a friendship with someone you want to be dating, with little to no hope of dating

2. To be treated as if you were a significant other, but there is a complete lack of sexy time

This post is primarily going to address my readers of the male persuasion. Can women be friendzoned (v. to be put in the friend zone)? Sure, but given societal norms it is much more rare.

Guys, nut the fuck up. This one is on you.

I frequent a few message boards where I constantly see complaints about having been friendzoned, and I just want to roll my eyes at everyone. Here’s the thing, guys: you’re letting yourself get there.

Logically, there are two paths to get into the friend zone situation. The first is insidious, you start as friends, and after the friendship is established – BAM, you develop feelings. I think this situation is pretty rare. Attraction is almost always initial, and I find it hard to believe that you would carry on through a friendship and suddenly realize what a beautiful person someone has become. Obvious exceptions to this rule are people who are dating a different person when developing friendships (though, clearly there can still be an initial attraction) and friends who haven’t seen each other in a long time and have undergone some changes (in which case I consider the pair to have “re-met”). Don’t come at me about friends with benefits situations, or I will redirect you to definition 2.

The second situation is much more common: you meet someone and are attracted to them, so you become friends with them to spend more time together. Here is what I imagine the game plan is for most guys that wind up being friendzoned:

  1. Make friends and establish a good connection.
  2. Test the waters some to see if she is interested. Be there for her when she needs it.
  3. Keep doing nice things. Test the waters some more. I don’t want to make a mistake.
  4. Ask her to spend the afternoon with me, but don’t call it a date. Still testing the waters.
  5. Agree that we do indeed “make such good friends” and that “I would be so sad to lose that.”
  6. She will obviously come around and decide that I am the only guy for her.

Solid plan, bro. But it rarely works. You see, attraction is on a timetable. Being human, most of us entertain the notion of dating most others, even if only for a brief moment. Sometimes that notion is immediately dismissed. Sometimes we hold onto that feeling for a few weeks or a few months until we get over that initial enthusiasm, often called ‘a crush.’ In further cases people might hold onto that attraction for a long time. That leaves a situation that looks something like this:

The guy with the plan above is hoping that if he gets to that long-term period, the girl will finally realize that he is the one for her. That is a stupid plan. Sure, it works sometimes, but it’s still a stupid plan. Why?

Well for one thing, if the girl would have been interested in you in the long-term, she also had some initial attraction to you. If you had just asked her out earlier on, you could have avoided that long, agonizing waiting period and gotten right into the dating part of it. Second, and more importantly, you might get friendzoned! There are fewer people who are going to hold onto attraction for the long-term over the short-term. If the girl you like is in the ‘crush’ level of attraction to you, it means that you have a finite window to ask her out – once you have known each other for too long she will have moved on. If you asked her out, you are rewarded with a chance to date! On the other hand, many choose to wait. Since the girl is interested, she is very open to your friendship and things develop in a way that make you feel like something will happen. But you don’t make a move and she doesn’t make a move either. Time goes by. Someone else comes along or the attraction fades, and you lost your moment to date. But you’re still friends and you still like her. Welcome to your self-inflicted friendzone.

To the people who think they “aren’t good enough” and are hoping that the strength of their friendship will breed an attraction, just like this brilliant comic, listen up. You can’t “trick” someone into liking you. Attraction is a very strange thing, and somewhat random. Using friendships to breed attraction is generally ineffectual, and in cases where it is effective, often emotionally manipulative.

If you like someone, you have a choice. You can ask them out or you can not ask them out. But if you never try, and you go the path of the friend in order to see how things play out, I have no pity for you. Rejection isn’t fun, but rejection happens. So next time you go to tell your friend about how this girl “totally friendzoned me,” realize that your passive choice is what led you to this space. Blame yourself, so that next time you might remember your mistake and you decide to make a move. Best of luck keeping yourself in the right relationship zones.



The Google mailbag

My post from last week was a struggle to write, and even in the end I don’t think that I made my points as well as I had wanted or misrepresented my position. That being said, I wanted to write something much lighter for this week. One of my hobbies with this blog is to look at the Google results that link people to our website. I decided to view the searches as a mailbag and  thought it would be fun to comment on them (searches will be presented in italics). I hope you enjoy.

-why do people go to bars  

-do people go to bars to find sex?

Some iteration of these questions leads people to our sister posts on going to bars. There isn’t much more for me to say here other than I find it very interesting how many people seem to be asking this kind of question.

-calling someone beautiful first date

-is it weird to call a girl gorgeous on the first date

I have actually meant to write a post for a long time about what it means to call a girl gorgeous/beautiful/hot/pretty/or any other name. Each thing has a slightly different connotation. I think it’s perfectly fine and even desirable to compliment a girl on her appearance on the first date. I wouldn’t tell a girl she was hot on a first date. Gorgeous seems a little bit too strong for me as well. I might call her beautiful. I would almost definitely call her pretty.

-first date we both ageed we had a good time , do i text next day

-how long should i wait before ringing after a first date

Iterations of this question are probably the most common way that complete strangers find their way to our blog. It’s actually shocking to me how rarely discussed post-first date contact seems to be in the dating world, but it is also one of the questions that causes people to pull their hair out about most often. If you missed my thoughts on it the first time, you can check it out here. Also, I really hope ringing is just a British way of saying call, because it’s a bit early to propose.

-what’re you scared of rejection fuck your fears

Woah there. Someone seems a bit testy. If you read my lengthy post here you would know that I have a healthy respect for fear of rejection. Nonetheless, as I was explaining to a friend the other day, being able to combat your fears in dating is the most important step in being a proactive dater. That being said, if your attitude about not being asked out is similar to the searcher above, then your passive aggressive attitude towards being asked out is just going to perpetuate the fear people feel.

-commenting on someone looks is flirting

Yes and no. I tend to compliment female friends on their looks when I think they are particularly pretty. It’s just a nice thing to do. I compliment Jack on his looks from time to time as well. While this certainly lends itself to some entertaining jokes at my expense, it certainly doesn’t always mean that I am flirting. That being said, someone commenting on your looks is definitely a signal that they might be interested, but it isn’t enough in itself.

-is flirting wrong when you don’t want to date

I think it’s fine to flirt in most context, the important thing is you don’t lead someone on.

-numbers to call when you want to fuck girls in arlington

Wow. Um…I guess you can pick up a local newspaper and flip to the back where they have the personal ads. Look for someone offering an erotic massage. Check to see if they are in Arlington.

-how to respond to being asked out when you are taken

“I’m flattered, but I’m happily committed to another person.”

-zales we broke up but she was the one

Perhaps if you didn’t use highly commercialized, overpriced, and possibly illegal diamond stores as a source of relationship advice things would have gone better. Too cynical? Maybe. I just hate when people buy into definitions of love that are established by commercial enterprises. This is the same reason why I don’t mind celebrating love on Valentine’s day but would never buy someone anything that said ‘Hallmark’ on it.

-what does it mean when the guy you’re dating tells you ltt’s take a break for a week

It most likely means that he is breaking up with you. It could also mean that he wants to take time to think about things without having you influencing (smothering?) his thoughts or decisions. They say if you love something let it go. Give him the week, then maybe the two of you will be able to work things out after a heavy conversation.

-hairy lower body a turn off?

Why does this have a question mark? Shouldn’t you know this for yourself? Also, you and I can never date if that’s a turnoff for you.

-how to turn companionate love into consummate love

Maybe be a little less scientific about your love situations. This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

-manscaping porn

I don’t even…. you want to watch a man while he…? Or is it that you want to see the patterns afterward? Either way, you won’t find the porn part of it in Jack’s article on manscaping.

-is a gentleman friend the same as friend with benefits

Definitions and labels are entirely constructs in your own mind. I’ve never really heard anyone say gentlemen friend before. My guess is no. I use the term ‘lady friend’ to describe people that aren’t quite girlfriends but aren’t just random girls either, so I would assume gentleman friend fills the same purpose.

-why would he play it cool after a great first date?

Because he thinks if he plays it cool you will like him more.

-my friend with benefits slept with someone else

That happens in FWB situations.

-not sure if i’m a friend or a “friend with benefits

Are you having sex?

-jealous ex says he is pussy wooped

I would be surprised if that’s what he said verbatim.

-girls i slept with inventory

I’m not sure why you’re asking the internet to tell you what girls you’ve slept with, but my pro tip is to lay off the drugs.

-everybody sick of sex but more people are gentleman


-can i tell a girl i had a good time on first date

Yes, and you should too.

-texting an arrogant hot guy after first date

It sounds to me like you want to bang him since you brought up that he was arrogant (an undesirable boyfriend trait) and hot (a desirable sexual partner trait). In that case might I suggest a blunt approach? Arrogant dudes love that shit.

-is it possible to end up together with your crush

Yes, but only if you do something about it.

-how to respond to text i had a great time last night

With honesty.

-2 arseholes walk into a bar

Now that’s just hurtful to Jack and myself.

-hair pull flirt

Once you have graduated from the 3rd grade, hair pulling should only be used in the context of the bedroom.

-the point of fucking then dumping your significant other

The dumper wanted to have sex but the dumpee made it clear that it wasn’t happening unless there was a commitment. Some people are willing to put in a lot of effort to get laid once. That happens. Sorry.

-i am curious why do i whenever treat my crushes nice, i just get “friendzoned” at the end of the day?

Because you never make a real move. Being a nice guy does NOT make people date you. Asking people out makes people date you. Being a nice guy keeps them coming back.

-do men flirt to boost ego

Yes, and so do women.

-why do men flirt to stroke their ego

I love when people answer their own questions with their question.

-the queston im concerned about is was the swing shallow or deep

I, uh….I am now concerned about that too. I think?

-how to treat your gf when you have dated for long


-you exude godliness

Thank you. You are too kind.

Those are most of my favorites. Until next week.